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"It's friends only"

2NE1 says friends only

Comment to be added~
“We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.” - Fydor Dostoevsky
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I'm obsessed

Seoul's 10 Soul Fashion Party was god damn amazing.
Taeyong, Bonnie, Steve, Yoni were all such awesome people!!
They told me to stay in touch with them thru email and contact em when I'm going to Seoul!
Need to attend Seoul fashion week soonish.
I miss those 언니 과 오빠 designers already.

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Mad excited thoughts put into words...

Met the designer of Beyond Closet, 고태용, today at Asia Fashion Exchange Blueprint preview party. It was fucking incredible.

Saw him. Confirmed he's Korean. Saw his blazer... And I went addasghdsagjkssk isn't that from Beyond Closet's collection. And I spazzed like mad internally.

Talking to him was crazily nerve wrecking. Him saying,"난 영어 못해요~", made it worse. Lol. Thank god for his personal translator. He asked about my blog, was I Korean, why do I know how to speak Korean, have I been to Seoul fashion week, where to shop in Singapore,......

And when I wanted to take an outfit shot of him, my camera decides to dysfunctional. *curses and swears* so damn embarrassing OMG. It worked after that. -.-

He gave me his namecard and an invite to the Seoul fashion designers exclusive show in Singapore this Friday!!! Beyond excited.

KTZ party at Butter Factory Thursday night and Seoul fashion designers party on Friday night. \o/ parties that benefits my future. 짱!

secretssky is coming back to Singapore on Saturday midnight! Yay no more being #foreveralone. :D this week's been awesome!

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Life updates

Am finally done with school and on to my next phase in life- working. Hoping I'll find the perfect "job" so that working doesn't exactly feel like "work". Narrowed down my job scope to visual merchandising, merchandising for apparels/fashion buyer, fashion editor (or probably writer first?). To be in the fashion industry, travelling opportunities and good financial prospects are my top priorities.

Crazy adventures ahead. Hope it'll be the good kind of crazy adventures.

I'm out.

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내사랑, 동방신기.

I feel so awful now. Shouldn't have read that fan account on dbsknights. Have tried avoiding all fan accounts and videos for JYJ thanksgiving at Tokyo dome. The first and only fan account I read made me teared uncontrollably, I can't even stop it.

I want to wipe the tears off your faces and tell you everything will be fine in the end. We, tvxq and Cassies, will all get through this difficult period together. I wish your tears were out off happiness instead of sadness and disappointments. I wanna hug all of you real tight and say 힘네~

All of us, the true cassiopeias, know what you're going through~ however, as a fan, what can we really do other than standing beside you right now. We will smile and wave that red lightsticks and show you your favorite red ocean and show you that we are always, forever, there. As long as you want us to be there, we would be.

동방신기 화이팅! 너무 너무 사랑해요~ <3

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